Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization Engine



Current utilization and future capability planning.


Continous cost optimixzation, migration and right sizing.

FinOps Practitioner

Instance right sizing with forecasting and recommender systems.


Multicloud real estate view in single window.

Enable multiple account management

MSPs manage many accounts and need a tool that allows them to switch between accounts quickly and easily.


Helps organizations save money on their cloud spend by automatically scheduling cloud resources to turn off when they are not needed, such as non-production resources.


Tag multi-cloud resources from single pane of glass. Tags are key-value pairs used to organize and categorize cloud resources.

Elastic Integration

Elasticsearch integration for data storage and building custom dashboards in Kibana.

Root cause analysis of historical data

Root cause analysis for cloud utilization for easy identification and resolution of the underlying cause of an issue.

Multi-Cloud Real-Estate

Interactive visualization of Multi-cloud real estate in a single pane of glass.


Most robust forecasting engine, for accurate and log term forecasts for capacity planning and demand forecasting.

Cloud Migration – Right Sizing

Righ size your cloud with forecasting and cross cloud recommender system.

Recommender system

We have build unique cross cloud recommender system to recomend you right-sized instances based on your historical utilization.